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In the early 1900s Francesco and Rosario Petrone moved to San Diego From Spokane, Washington. Two of their six children, Joseph and James became the first of many restaurateurs of the Petrone Family.  Joe married Maybell and had a son named Joseph Petrone in 1929, but we all called him Jerry.

When Joe Petrone learned to drive he became a cab driver and saved until he could start his own company and started a "Brownie Messenger: service with Charles A. Prat, Sam McPherson, and Joe Bruce. (This was kind of a early version of UberEats delivering food and, newly legal, booze right after prohibition ended via motorcycles. Soon Joe and Charles Pratt bought 8 Pymouths and created the Black and White Taxicab Company.

In 1936 Joe and Charles bought the Plaza Fountain Lunch at the ground floor of the old Gates Hotel at 244 Broadway in Downtown San Diego. A few years later James Petrone became a partner at the Plaza Coffee Shop and Joe and James bought another restaurant/nightclub at 929 Broadway and named it the Chee-Chee Club.The grand opening of the Chee-Chee Club was New Years Ever 1941. 

In 1945 Joe Petrone became secretary and treasurer of the San Diego Tavern Owners Association. In 1955 Joe also ran The Garden of Allah cocktail lounge in Hillcrest. Both Joe and James retired in the 60s. 

Jerry,  Joe's son, began bartending at the Chee-Chee club and worked at many other bars in his early life until in 1968 Jerry and Frank La Spesa opened Zardi's on Morena Boulevard. In 1972 Jerry bought the Alibi Club on University Avenue, and in the mid-80's he purchased CJ's bar, which was named after him and his current wife's (Coleen) Initials. 

In 1999 Jerry retired and sold the Alibi to his son Joe Petrone Jr. Joe Jr. is still the owner of The Alibi on University in Hillcrest. In the Early 2000's Joe Jr. and Joe Scuito ventured into the restaurant business and purchased The Flinn Spring Inn in East County. A few years later Joe Jr. opened two other locations of The Alibi, located in La Mesa and Santee. 

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